HAVE: Similac Pro-Total Comfort RTF

Would anyone be interested in purchasing this? I kinda panicked and bought some when I couldn’t find what my daughter needed. Thankfully I was able to find something she can use from another Mom on this website. Both items would fit in a USPS medium flat rate box which costs $14. In total it would be $38.61 including the formula, shipping, and Paypal fees. I wish I could give it away but I need the money to cover what I spent on the new stuff. I am located in Vancouver, WA so if you are local that would save you the shipping and PP fees. If interested please comment below with your email address. Thanks a bunch!


Hi Angelica. I am interested. Almost impossible to find the powder now. My email is laurareynolds621@gmail.com. I am in PA so it would need to be shipped.

I’m certainly interested please send me a email Hmv557@gmail.com