Gone - Sample size cans of Enfamil

I have 3 unopened sample cans of Enfamil - just asking that you cover the shipping depending on the cost - I live in PA.

Can I have the purple can please!?

I will happily pay for shipping!

Sure thing! Can you send me a text with your shipping info? 570-640-7354.

Coming right now!

If the blue enspire is available my 4 month old could use it. Happy to pay for shipping. Thanks so much!

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Sure thing, can you please text me your shipping info? 570-640-7354. I will ship it out first thing tomorrow morning!

Sorry not sure why the reply didn’t go right under your message. Can you text me your shipping info? 570-640-7354. ill ship it out tomorrow!

Hi! Do you still have the yellow one availabe?

I do! Can you text me your shipping info? 570-640-7354.

Hi, if it’s available, I could use the Enfamil Neuro Pro formula. Thanks!

Hi! I’m sorry, all 3 cans have been claimed. But if you text me so i have your name and number i will keep an eye out for it locally and i can always ship you some if i find it! My name is Riley 570-640-7354.

Is the purple can available I only have a few more days really need this

@EliseS I have 2 cans I just bought today, you can have them for cost + shipping