Give: baby formula. Brand new, unopened

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How much for ar

The AR is already called for. I’ll see if I can find more.

Ingot more AR, it’s yours :slight_smile:

Hello, is Enfamil reguline still available? If so, price and where are you located? Thank you so much! :pray:t4:

I’m interested in the Similac soy if it’s still available

Yes, it’s yours! Email me at

Any more similac soy available? That’s what kind my daughter uses and we can’t find it anywhere :sob:

Hi Kae,
I asked Allison to send one can to me and one can to you! She agreed! Email her at

Omg thank you that’s so sweet!

Hi, I was wondering if you had any more ar?

Wondering if you had anymore AR? You can email me at

Thank you

Do you still have reguline?

I saw someone one here had a can available let me tag you if I find it really quick!