Gentlease Needed- can pay anything

Our 4 week old is in need of Gentlease. We will take powder or ready to feed, whatever you have!

Hi where are you located? I can possibly help. Email me

I have two Enfamil ready made 32 ounces of you’re still in need. Not trying to make a profit just asking what I paid for them. We had more than my son needed and he’s done with formula now.

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How much I’m willing to get

I only paid $10 a piece and just say $5 for shipping. Like I said I’m not trying to make a profit; son just outgrew it and don’t want it to go to waste :frowning:

I’d like to buy them

I have a can of this

When do they expire ?

Feb 1, 2023

My Walgreens has these. Let me know

Both expire 04/01/2023

We have gentlease ready to go bottles

Yes I need

Interested if still available

Ok I need them

How can I pay

You can have mine for free…just email me your address and write the formula you need since I posted a few different kinds and I’ll ship it out.

My email is

Yes I would be very interested!

Hi I would love to take them!

The only can I have left is the blue!