Formulas to give away!

Hi all,
I have one sample can of unopened Similac Alimentum. One sample can of OPENED Similac Alimentum (maybe half a can). One 21.1oz can of OPENED Enfanmil Infant Formula. Three single serving packets of Enfamil Gentlease. Four single serving packets of Enfamil NeuroPro. The opened cans were used while testing formula types with my daughter.

I really could use the similiac alimentum!

Email me at!

Next for Similac alimentum please

I would like the gentlease! thank you

Is the enfamil neuropro gentlease packs still available?

Next on the hypoallergenic please!

The Similac Alimentum and single serving packets of Enfamil Gentlease have been claimed and shipped out! Sorry for taking so long to answer! I have both of the yellow still available

If anyone is still looking for Similac Alimentum, please email me at :heart: I have a friend I will forward you information too who has several regular and sample size cans.