Formula trade?

I have a lot of Enfamil NeuroPro for anyone who wants it because we just found out that my little girl has a milk allergy so we are looking for Nutramigen or Similac Alimentum if anyone has it!

I have two smaller cans of the alimentum I’m happy to give you if you want to cover shipping.

Where are you located I would like to get this please.

Kansas City

Im in kansas city and looking for this exact kind.

My daughter just had my first grandbaby! She’s pumping and pumping but not making enough. We need Enfamil NeuroPro Gentle Ease something fierce! There is nothing here in NC! Baby is 3 weeks old!

I will take all the neuropro formula you have in any form

We have this if needed. Hunting Enfamil NeuroPro GentleEase

Would be willing to pay for cost and shipping for the powder if possible!!

My son only drinks the enfamil neuropro ready to use I’ve been going around different stores every day all day and no one has it. If they are still available please contact me I am in desperate need

Hi, do you have any enfamil neuropro powder still available? If so, I will like to take it.

Is that similac pro advance? And enfamil neuropro sensitive? If so on both are they still available my son needs one and nephew needs the other and we are willing to pay for them plus shipping

Is the sensitive orange can still available ? I have sample cans of alimentium I believe 3 I can send to you!

@CharlotteB hope this helps

Try offer up for gentlease or any formula honestly

Please email me if you have any RTF left! My daughter is 3 months old and i am driving around daily with her finding formula enough for the next day! Yessyy.Elizabeth@gmail. Come

Do you have any of these left?

Definitely need that Enfamil neuropro please

If you have the pro advance left. I have a can or two of the nutrigrem if you’d want to trade. I’ve been looking like crazy for that for my son and haven’t had any luck