Formula exchange

Looking for Enfamil AR ( pink package) for my 3 week old. PLEASE!

Baby Formula : Target target!

Robot or human? Walmart too!

They’re all sold out. I’ve been looking all week. I’m in NY

I have a can you can have.

That would be awesome! How do we go about this ?

Email me your address and I will mail it out to you

Wow thank you so much!

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I have a 7.2oz can too! Email me and I will ship it out to you tomorrow!

This formula is in stock Walmart’s website with shopping zip code 49093. They’ll still ship it to you even if it’s out of state.

That’s awesome ! Let me check it out. Thank you

Hey I mailed it out the other day just let me know when you get it.

Ofcourse! Will definitely keep you posted :slight_smile:

I also got an extra big can for you as well

Wow! That will be awesome. That should last little man a bit longer. Thank you again