FOR SALE: Similac Pro-Sensitive RTF 32 oz bottles x6

Hello all,

My daughter was originally on sensitive but we are trying anti-reflux/gentle formula at the moment and it seems to be working. Does anyone want this before I return it? Purchased for $48.72 at Walmart. Selling for cost + shipping and Paypal/Venmo fees. UPS Ground shipping will cost around $25 which includes $100 of insurance.

I have done a few transactions on here and have included my name and date in the photos. All transactions will be done through Paypal Goods & Services or Venmo Goods & Services to protect the buyer.

I am located in Vancouver, WA so if you are local that will save you the shipping and fees :slight_smile:

Hello! Are these still available?

Hello :slight_smile: Yes they are.

Can you email me at