First time mom must haves

I’m a first time mom and overwhelmed with all the things to prepare for baby and what to purchase to just be comfortable during pregnancy. What are some must haves to make life easier for pregnancy, as well as, first baby?

@Kating118 First of all, congratulations - but I think if you ask 10 moms, you will get 10 different answers. At first, you won’t need near as many things as you think. Baby will need mommy, clean diapers, a place to sleep and lots of love. Are you doing cloth or disposable diapers? My friend just had a baby and avoided getting all of the extras and is so glad she did - newborns outgrow a lot of that stuff so fast. The new cloth diapers are pretty amazing - a lot different from when I was a baby that’s for sure.
Everyone in your life will want to get you something - will you be doing a registry? If not, gift cards are the perfect gift - that way, when you find you need something - you can get that item. Shawn has some videos about everything she brought to the hospital the first time vs the second time - big difference.
I would recommend that you decide what see the first few months looking like and then talk to other people who have had similar plans - find out what they needed - and what just sat in a closet.
If you add some of your thoughts on these things, I’m sure others on this site will post some of their ideas and experiences.
Welcome to the community - hope you find lots of helpful resources here.

Thank you, Patti! I haven’t even considered cloth versus disposable diapers. I am currently at 14 weeks so I’m starting to think ahead. I did “start” a registry just so if I come across something I can quickly add it before I forget what it was. I appreciate you mentioning the videos that Shawn shared. I know she mentions the difference with the preparations in her podcast but I wanted to see what the was the preferred preparation to take. Thank you again for all your thoughtful suggestions.

pros and cons to both types of diapers of course. Disposable are great for when you are traveling and baby is under 8 lbs but are terribly expensive and bad for the environment. The new cloth style are adjustable and have such cute designs and have the washable and re-usable inserts. Wishing you the best in your journey.