Experience with ear tubes?

Our daughter Drew has had about 5 ear infections in 18 months and we don’t feel good about giving her more antibiotics so we are looking at doing the ear tube operation. Has anyone done this and if so what’s been your experience with the surgery and how the kiddo has dealt with it the following few days?

My son had it and was completely back to normal the next day. Day of he was just extra sleepy. My lo had it at 9 months old. Surgery lasted maybe 5 minutes.

Also he has had maybe 1 since and he is now 4.5. This was due to high wax build up that clogged the tube. Not because the tube didn’t work.
They have also since fallen out. His issues was his gestation tubes were really tiny. In fact they had to use tubes usually used with preemies.

We have done two sets with my son. The first set he was a week shy of one and then we did the second set almost exactly a year later because they fell out. Other than having to do it twice, it was a really easy process and completely worth it! He is now 5 and hasn’t had an ear infection since. He actually got his tubes taken out this past year and I was worried we’d see them again but we haven’t!