Enfamil sensitive

Baby girl is 6 months and while I don’t want her to grow up too fast this shortage has me wishing away to have her weaned and on to solids. She is on enfamil sensitive and I can’t find it anywhere. Doctors don’t have it, I have called enfamily for samples consistently and they only send me one sample can at a time. She eats 36oz a day and goes through it quickly. I’m an hour south of Portland oregon. If you happen to find this formula please reach out. I have venmo and am willing to download any other cash apps in order to get my baby the formula she needs.

I have some at my house. I live in michigan

Do you have an email I can connect with you? And silly question, but it’s unopened, correct?

My email is twolters081118@gmail.com and yes it is unopened. We bought it and then needed to switch our little man to a different formula.

Just sent you an email! Thank you Trisha!

I have one enfamil sensitive at my house but its only a 7.2 oz

And it is unopened

Fred Meyers has it available on their app for shipment.

Hey Momma! What’s your email?


Thank you! I will check it out!

Where are you located?