Enfamil Sensitive Needed

**Down to our last can and I can’t find anywhere I saw this on enfamil directly today and almost cried if anyone has any I am willing to pay shipping or anything just let me know **

I’m in NJ and my Target has it!

What do you need?

That would be amazing! Our targets here are completely bare! Can you grab some and I can pay for shipping an cost once you send it?

What state are you in? How many cans do you need?

This one?

Yes it’s that one!! I am in Texas sorry I was in a work meeting

I mean honestly as many as they will allow you to buy, I am down to my last one and half which will last me until end of next week. And it’s literally impossible here to find!

This little dude will be so thankful

aw so cute! I got 2!!

might be easier for you to email me… ntava0901@gmail.com

Are you still able to find these? We cant find them anywhere

Where are you located? I can get a case shipped to you for free. Send me your address…you can PM me .


I have 2 small cans (samples sent to me by Enfamil) i can mail them to you. Email me directly if you want them :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Happy to send them to you!!

I am also in need of this formula. Can you tell me more?

Are these them? If so I was given these as samples if you pay shipping I will ship them right out to you!

Send me an email strongpatrol@gmail.com

I emailed you, my email is autumn2434@gmail.com

Ok I can venmo you. I will email me and we can text if it’s easier