Enfamil Prosobee Plant Based infant formula

Hi! Does anyone have any unopened Enfamil Prosobee Plant Based formula that they are willing to sell?

Tried to upload a picture of the formula but you all got my daughter instead! :laughing:

This was at my Walmart yesterday. I can go back today and look for you. Can you upload a pic?

Try Walmart and target! Robot or human?

Sorry this is the right link https://www.walmart.com/search?q=enfamil%20prosobee%20soy%20infant%20formula&typeahead=enfamil%20pr

Hi! I just bought 2 ProSobee cans that I found on clearance at the grocery store today, but I have no need for them (I bought to try and help someone else out!). Happy to pass along at cost, but I saw when I got home that both cans expired 5/1/22. I will return them if I don’t find them a new home.

That’s a single liquid form and is a no go with my daughter. She just won’t take it for whatever reason. I’ve checked multiple Walmarts and Targets weekly with no luck yet. Thank you

I will probably pass on the expired cans but thank you so much for offering!

Walmart at my location has these. I can pick them up and ship them to you just let me know if you are still in need

My Walmart has 2 cans marked to $26 a can if you would like them let me know!

Really, that’s wonderful? As long as it’s the can version and not liquid, that will work great for my girl. What size cans are they?

Hi! I bought two cans of prosobee yesterday at Walmart as a “just in case” for my baby, but I don’t think we’ll use them. They were $15. One expires September 2023 and one expires April 2023. The April can I dropped and the seal broke:/ they’re 20.9oz cans!

I have a can of concentrated liquid of Prosobee, 13fl oz if you’re interested

20.9 oz in powder

Walgreens might have it