Enfamil Premium Gentlease

I have 2 full sized, not expired Enfamil Premium Gentlease formulas. I am a childcare provider and a family donated it to the daycare. No infants at this time so I have no use for it. Willing to donate it to a baby in need of it for the cost of shipping.

Very interested where are you located


Interested in one as well!

Ok…not sure how to do this…can you email me with your address info.

Email is cnalderma@gmail.com

My baby brother is 5 months old we have looked everywhere for his formula and what we currently have found is one can of Gerber and it makes him sick he has a very sensitive tummy.

I will check with the post office today and find out what shipping will be and let you know…:slight_smile:

I am also interested. My niece lives in Wisconsin and is in need of this formula.

Great! I have one container left… send me your address and I will let you know what shipping is… glad I can help out!


That would be great!

County Rd H
Arena WI 53503

Thank you.I will check into shipping and let you know :slight_smile:

Sorry its taken awhile to get back with you…busy around here. Anyway, shipping on this formula is $21.50 in one of the post offices boxes. If you are still interested in it just let me know.

Hello…so sorry it has taken awhile to get back with you…busy around here. Anyway, shipping in a post office box will be $21.50. If you are still interested just let me know. Thanks.

Hi Kathy,

I finally was able to find some, but thanks anyway.

Ok thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kathy! The other formula is not working. Do you happen to still have a can? Thanks!

Hi…Yes, I do. $21.50 for postage. I could get it out to you on Saturday.

interested if this anyone above falls through