Enfamil neuropro gentlease 7.2oz

Enfamil Neuropro Gentlease 7.2oz can of powder. Can ship out tomorrow 5/20/2022. Unopened, expiration is April of 2023.

Was given to us by someone who knows we use Enfamil but, this is not the type of Enfamil
we use.

If this is still available I will take it!

Willing to buy this!!!

I’ll take if available!

Is this available?

Please email me at melanielynnbisson@gmail.com if this is available still. I have 6 month old preemie twins on a 3 day supply I work with trying to get more.

Is this still available? Our 7 month old is on his last can.

I can use this if you would.

I still have this available as of 8:30 EST 5/19. Please email me at IrnDance@aol.com and I’ll do first email, first ‘dibs’ to ship tomorrow. Won’t charge for formula itself as it was given to me for free.

This is now gone. I will post ASAP if I can get my hands on more.

Need please!

I’ll take it

Can I get this please?

I could use this!