Enfamil NeuroPro Available

I have 6 - 7.5 oz cans of Enfamil NeuroPro available if anyone is in need.

Yellow or purple ?

It is the yellow can.

Ok I needed purple. Thanks though

I would love to purchase these from you

They are samples so I did not pay for them. I can send them to you. They are the yellow cans of Enfamil NeuroPro. Is that what you are looking for.

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If the yellow enfamil samples are still available I will take them

If you have any of the Neropro left please let me know

Yes mam! I can pay for shipping

I need some!

Please let me know where to ship them. Also, do you want all six cans?

Hello I will pay shipping cost of the formula if there’s any left. And by the way how do you get free samples?

Is there a way to private message you my address?