Enfamil Neuro Pro Formula Exchange (yellow packaging)

thread for exchanging Enfamil Neuro Pro (yellow packaging)

We are creating this group as a way to try to help the continued problem of families getting the formula they need, whether thats due to supply chain problem issues, inflation, or whatever else.
We get so many messages from moms who have reached out saying they haven’t been able to find their little ones formula. So I thought I’d do my best at finding a solution to this problem by putting together a resource to try to help match moms who need formula with those who have extra.
If you’re a mom who needs a formula that hasn’t been easy for you to get, this is a place to find it. And if you’re a mom who has sealed, unexpired formula that you no longer need and are willing to ship it to moms in need, this is a place to do it.

How it works:

I’ve created a thread for each formula. If I’ve missed any, feel free to start a formula specific thread of your own.

If you need a specific formula, please comment under the appropriate post that you need it and where the general area you’re located.
If you have a specific formula you’re willing to sell or donate, find someone you’d like to connect with on the comment thread and DM them, then reply to their comment letting them know that you sent a DM.
If no one has commented that they need it yet, please comment how much you have/any specifics. (example: have four 12 oz cans of Enfamil, willing to donate, just pay shipping)

Once a connection has been made (person selling/donating DM’s person in need of formula) they can coordinate the shipping/payment amongst themselves. Payments should be made through PayPal, Venmo, or Facebook Pay, and those receiving formula should be prepared to pay standard market price for formulas (if not being donated) and should also be prepared to pay for shipping costs.

Once you have shipped formula/paid for formula, please either remove your comments from the list or edit them to reflect that you are no longer in need/no longer have formula.
Using this group is at your own risk… we are not responsible for anything that happens as a result of this forum- payment issues, not receiving formulas, etc.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.
Heres to helping each other out!

Hello, I stay in Chicago, IL - 60618. Please let me know if there’s anyone who can ship it to this area. Happy to connect and share my address privately.


Hayward, CA. In need of enfamil Neuro pro gentlease. Any size works.

I’m located in Georgia, I’m on WIC but have yet to find the formula I need & unfortunately can’t pay due to me being out of work which is why I’m using WIC. Please pm me if you can help! God bless :sparkling_heart:


ISO yellow Enfamil neuropro! Located in Utah. Happily will pay cost plus shipping. Thank you!


Hello to anyone who can help. I live in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. In need of Enfamil Neuropro (yellow) formula for my 7 month old baby boy. We can pay cost + shipping if necessary. Thanks and God bless!

-Mom Jessie and Baby Elijah

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I have one 2oz can and two 4oz ready to use bottles that I can send!

Hey there! I have an entire box of the refill boxes (if that makes sense), retails for $180 on Amazon. Husband and I originally purchased the set of 4 because we thought our daughter would do well with the Enfamil Neuropro and it turns out, we had to switch to Gentle Ease. So now I have a box full of these formula refillable packs that I don’t need. Willing to give away for free 1 box per person in need so that way it can be given to more people in need! Just have to pay for the cost of shipping (:


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Lewiston, Idaho.
Looking for Enfamil Neuropro OR Gentlease

Hi Tiffany -

I cannot figure out how to DM you, but I would love a box if you still have any available!

Let me know how I can best reach out to you.


That would be incredible! I am happy to pay shipping :heart:

That would be incredible! I am happy to pay shipping! :heart:

Private message sent

Hi everyone! I am located in Virginia, Minnesota and I am desperately looking for Enfamil NeuroPro (yellow packaging) our son is 3 months old and this is the only formula that worked for him when I was no longer able to breastfeed anymore. If someone could please help me find the formula, you have no idea how thankful I would be. Such scary times being a first time mom and not having any sort of stock of anything because he was exclusively breastfeeding. Please message me!

Charlotte B. :blue_heart:

Where are you in GA? I’m near Savannah and have some to donate if you can pay for shipping.

Can you DM me? It’s not allowing me to message you. :blue_heart:

Hi Tiffany, if you have 1 refill box left, I will greatly appreciate it for my baby boy. If you can DM me, that would be great! I can’t figure out how to start a private message conversation on this app :woman_shrugging:. We will gladly pay shipping costs.

Thank you!
Mom Jessie and Baby Elijah

I live in Statesboro ga & unfortunately I can’t pay for shipping right now, I have WIC but having a tough time finding what it need

I’m in need of Enfamil Neuropro for my 3 month old. I’m in the DC Metro/Frederick, MD area. Thank you!