Enfamil neuro pro and enfamil neuro pro gentlease

1 can neuro pro unopened use by sep 1 2022 7.2 oz can

2 cans neuro pro gentlease 7.2 oz cans use by aug 1 22 and nov 1 22

Can ship ASAP

how much for the gentlease cans? I would like both!

I could use gentlease cnalderma@gmail.com

is the neuropro Yellow label available?

I can use gentlelease please

Just asking for shipping $10 to my PayPal and will ship out ASAP

kmhinzman@gmail.com is my email if you send me your info and I’ll paypal you and send my address!
Thank you so so much!!!

Yes just asking for $5 to cover shipping to my PayPal and can ship ASAP

My PayPal is nmn4490@yahoo.com

You are very welcome! I will email you tracking as soon as I have it!

Neuro pro gentlease 2 cans claimed

STILL AVAIL: 1 can enfamil neuro pro yellow label

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Hi, we just had twins and they are telling us this would be what our babies will be on. Mom currently can’t produce due to C. Would this still be available? A friend sent me to this site