Enfamil Gentlease

I have had so many people from our community help us find Enfamil Gentlease for our foster son. I have a month or two supply now and have a few extra cans I can part with if anyone needs.

I do im on my last three small cans and i cant find any anywhere

I can use a can if you can spare one.

I could use a can if you have a spare!

Im in need also if by chance you have any left

I’m in need. Down to my last can. Please email me franke08clemm@yahoo.com if available.

I am down to last container have tried a couple other brands and he cannot use it it makes him throw up If anyone has any I would gladly pay for shipping or whatever. There is none anywhere close

I am on my last tub if you have any to spare

Im in need if you have any to spare.