Enfamil Gentlease (Purple)

I am in dire need of Enfamil Gentlease. My daughter does well with either the regular Gentlease, or the Neuropro. If you see any in your store, please let me know! Thank you to this community!!!

I have one 7oz can of the Neuropro Gentlease I can ship out today! What is your email and I’ll email you to get your information?

Thank you!! My email is Brodie.braun3@gmail.com

I have 1 7.2 oz of enfamil neuro pro gentlease unopened

Hi. Thank you! I will happily pay for shipping! If you could just email me so we could get that up, that would be great! My email is Brodie.braun3@gmail.com

Will do. I will email you!

hey I saw these last week at the Ralphs in Los Angeles on the shelf if you know anyone around there! I was just there visiting. https://www.ralphs.com/stores/grocery/ca/los-angeles/la-brea/703/00039?cid=loc_70300039_gmb

Let me know if you still need this, I’m in New York and found a fully stocked store with this brand.

Im in need of some!

Can you email at anayansic55@gmail.com please! Thank you so much!


I would love some more! Feel free to email me. Brodie.braun3@gmail.com