Enfamil Formula Available

I have the following sample size formulas available and am happy to ship to anyone for the cost of shipping:

All unopened and not expired

  • Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease - 7.2 oz sample can
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive - 7.2 oz sample can
  • Enfamil NeuroPro - 7.2 oz sample can and 2 2 oz ready to use bottles

See photo for details.

I’d love to claim the sensitive!

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Hi can i Claim the purple gentlease?

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Do you still have Gentlease available?

Im interested in the similac gentleease

I’m not sure how to DM on here

any chance the Gentlease is still available?? Thanks!!

Is the neuropro (yellow can) still available?

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Is the sensitive still available?

Hi I am interested in the gentle ease, is it still available?

Hello! I need some for my some!

Hi I desperately need the neuropro yellow can for my daughter please

If this is available I will pay shipping. Thank you

Do you still have the neuropro? I will like to take it if you do!

Hi! Any more yellow cans or the neuropro available? I appreciate your help in advance

is any neuropro left?

I am in need of the gentlease

Hi Andrea, I have the gentlease set aside with your name on it. If you still need it, please DM or email me with your shipping information and I can get it out to you. If you don’t need it, let me know and I’ll offer to the next person in line.

I need the enfamil in purple can.

If you still have the regular Enfamil Neuropro available, I’ll pay for shipping. Thanking you in advance. Susan