Enfamil Enspire (blue can)

We are in need of the blue can of Enfamil Enspire for my daughter. Willing to pay or trade! Stores near me seem to have Earth’s Best original formula, Similac advance, and a few places have Gerber GoodStart. Anything helps! Our sensitive girl can’t handle any formula very well aside from Enspire.

I saw some at my local Walmart yesterday! I will try to go back today after work and see if they still have it!

What is your email address in case I find it? I dont want to lose your post in case I find some

Thank you so much for checking!!

We’re you able to find any? I’m also in need of the blue Enfamil Enspire. Thanks for being willing to check and help! :white_heart:

I found only a few and sent them to Olivia (above). I am more than happy to keep looking! Email me your address at sarahc@laurenselectric.com and we can keep in contact that way!

My walmart has 2 cans, do you want ke to pick them up?

@Nancy_Bullard my walmart has 2 cans, do you want me to pick them up?

Sorry I’m just now seeing this - it may be too late but yes - I would like them if they are still available! Happy to pay cost and shipping. If email is easier you can reach me at nancyd.bullard@gmail.com

Hi! I have 8 20.5 oz tubs of the Enfamil Enspire formula and 1 7oz can (sample from pediatrician) if you’re still in need. I paid $42 each for the larger tubs I can send you plus cost of shipping. Let me know if you still need! I had ordered a whole case of it but it unfortunately didn’t work for our son.