Enfamil AR or any brand of formula with added rice starch

One of my twins has horrible reflux and his formula seems to be the hardest to find out of the two. Located in Lynnwood. Thank you

@Amberosia02 I just checked Amazon Canada and they have it available for shipping - also want to make sure that you signed up through the forum www.babyformulaexchange.com

Thanks for the info! I tried ordering off Amazon from Canada and UK but it says it cannot ship to my address for some reason. I am signed up on that website as well! I just learned about it today, but haven’t had any luck yet with it.

That formula is in stock on Walmarts website using shopping zip code 20707. They’ll still ship it to you even if that isn’t your state.

Thank you!

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Were you able to get some?

You’re welcome

Yes! I had no idea you could change the zip code like that! Thank you for the tip!

Oh my goodness. I just got an email it’s ready for pick up…… dang it. Calling them now. I guess I got too excited.

When you get to your basket there is an icon above the item that lets you switch from pick up to shipping

You can also try 11211

I finally got it! Thank you!

So glad you are finding what you need. #feedthebabies

How do you know which zip codes to look up to find availability? Trying to learn your secret :slight_smile:

I just keep changing zip codes until I find something honestly.
11211, 40512, 80512, 29442 and 37043 have worked the most.

I have 5 cans of the Enfamil AR if you still need some. I bought them for my daughter but she ended up just needing the Enfamil Gentlease

That would be amazing and generous! That is all that one of my twins will take because of his reflux, the other twin is on gentlease:)

Send me an email halez8921@gmail.com and we can work out the details