Earth's Best or Happy Baby Organic

Hello. I am looking for the Red can of Earth’s best or the Orange can of the Happy Baby Organic formula for my almost 7 month old. Please help if you can

I have a red canister of Earth’s Best I can send you! Email me at

There’s four of these Available at my target if you want to email me.

I have a 21 oz can. Email me at

Hi. Thank you for participating in this. If the Happy Baby Stage 1 with orange stripe up top is available at your store, it would be great to find a way to get some. I just signed up for this, so I’m not exactly sure how it works.

I’m sorry I meant the earths baby formula…I didn’t realize she had asked for both on there! There’s two earths best available at my target

Earths Best is in stock for shipping right now at target! Not sure how long it’ll last but for the moment it’s up

Tony - My friend has some she is selling, see image. She found her son needed the sensitive. if you want me to see if she would ship, let me know

Katie - Sorry for the late reply. A long night up with the baby threw my sleep hours are off.
In any case, I would very much like to get those cans of formula (as long as they’re not expired or immediately expiring). I think that would get us through this shortage. Are they still available?

No worries! Yes, they are still available, don’t expire until Sept 2023. 5 cans, $25/each + shipping ($15-20 depending on where you’re located) via Venmo, then I’ll ship. Email me at and we can coordinate