Don’t need similac neosure

I had my premie and was gifted a bunch of these (12) so I would like to sell them as I don’t use them for him. I just ask retail and shipping.

Hello. Are these available?

Yes they are!

I will pay shipping for them if they are still available since they were gifted to you

I’m selling these for $15 each with shipping. Thank you

If they were gifted to you, why are you selling them? When other moms are in just as much need, why try to profit off their struggle?…

Nobody trying to profit off of you or anyone else so you can get off my post . If I want to sell them I will!

Why am I giving away free formula when I can sell these and buy the one my baby needs. Girl bye

If these are still available, I’ll purchase as many as you’re willing to sell me and pay today. My preemie son is in desperate need of Neosure. We had to switch to normal infant formula yesterday (per our pediatrician since it’s not available anywhere) and he’s really not doing well with it.

What’s your email?