Do not inquire

I have one Pro-Total Comfort and one Pro-Advance. The first expires in July 2022 and the latter in December 2022. They are both 7 oz cans. Let me know if you are interested! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! I am interested in the Pro total comfort please!

Sure thing! Send me your address to my email and I will send it out to you!


Is the Advance still available?

Yes it is! If you could just send me your address via email, I will ship it out to you!


Can i please purchase the pro advance?

Hey i really need the Similac for my baby pro Avance

NTava, are you still interested? I want to offer the Pro- Advance to you first since you were the one to comment first. Just let me know!

Hi Alexandra :slightly_smiling_face: Could you by chance provide the lot numbers for these cans?

Hi! No, I am good but thanks for checking!

Hi! I can offer the Pro-Advance to you! Just send me your address to my email and I can ship it out to you!


24481K80 for Pro-Total Comfort

23402K80 for Pro- Advance

Hot damn, ladies. I just put my lot numbers into the Similac recall website and apparently they are part of the recall. I feel like such an idiot that I didnโ€™t check this before. I am so so so sorry. Please forgive my ignorance. I will delete this post.

Please donโ€™t apologize! You are so thoughtful to offer these up to help Mamas in need. It seems like a lot of the sample cans are recalled so I always ask just in case. :heart:

Thank you, Angelica, for bringing it to my attention! I would never have thought to check otherwise. I truly appreciate it.

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