Desperate need for Similac Pro Advance

Hello my son just turned 2 months old and i am Looking for Similac pro advance formula please help!

This formula is available as ready to feed on Walmarts website using shopping zip code 35555.
They will still ship to you even if this isn’t your zip code.

It must of sold out again because it’s not available :pensive:

Claudia Moreno

I was able to order one. I can mail it to you once it gets here.

Yes please let me know when it arrives thank you

Claudia Moreno

The ready to feed is in stock on Walmarts website with zip code 20707

@Honeyct Have you had any luck finding the formula yet?


Thank you just tried and it’s no longer available


It just arrived I can mail it to you

Yes please , how do we go about this?


email me