Content/Creators you love

Whether its cute/helpful/wholesome/funny what are some of your favorite family friendly youtube videos/podcasts/instagram posts


This profile helps us out A TON


I have several but this is one that I love going to:

Kat Stickler! She’s a single mom, and recently divorced. She’s so positive, gives great advice, and has lots of humor. She’s one of the people I watch every day to have at least one laugh!


I love Kat!! Andrew and Shawn should have her on couple things!


I love Colleen Ballinger/Miranda Sings. Our kids are just days apart in age and she’s currently pregnant with twins. She keeps it real, but in such a wholesome way and she is a truly kind human.


Not parenting related, but Good Mythical Morning and Santagato Studios never fail to make me laugh after a long day

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The Bast family makes fun family hacks

Madison Vining blog has a ton of great content for faith, family, farm life etc

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I love Sadie Robertson’s podcasts and Steven Furtick’s! I love listening to podcasts that help me grow in Christ or are interesting! Going to give in to you and Shawn’s this week:)


This is so cheesy but honestly you guys. My boyfriend and I are young parents of an 18 month old. I’m 23 and he’s 25. Communication is such a difficult task some days but your podcasts have some really great advice!
You both have inspired me so much, I pray for a marriage like yours one day. I love how it’s purposeful & Christ centered and it shows.
I always tell my boyfriend (soon to be fiancé), that I wish we were able to get coffee with you guys and soak up all the advice and chat. I genuinely look up to you both so so so so so much.
Truthfully, I didn’t even know shawn was an Olympian when I followed her years ago. I just felt like I could relate to you both! Thanks so much for being so honest & raw about life, and sharing your faith.


I LOVE her! I felt so bad when they broke up but she I’d stick a strong force!

The Restored 2 More podcast. It’s for couples wanting to build a deeper connection, desire for sex, and how to help couples who have gone through a crisis build back closeness in their marriage!



@thebusytoddler is a favorite parenting page!

Oh and def @teddyandbearkids :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Matt and Abby howard!!! Great example of a young married couple who love adventure and have a good faith!

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I love Milena Ciciotti for wholesome family content!

Great stuff here! I hope you enjoy ours!!

We are so glad that our podcast can help you and your boyfriend! We are grateful for you.

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These seem like great places to go!

We love listening to younger couples and getting their perspective.