(Claimed thank you)

I have 2x unopened 36oz cans of Similac Pro-Advance (lot number 37566RE exp: 1FEB2024) only need shipping costs.

My baby has a lactose allergy and my dummy brain accidentally ordered the wrong kind of formula. I can’t use it, can’t return it, happy to ship where ever if you can cover costs (or if you’re really in a pinch let me know and we can figure it out).

Could I pay for these?? I can Venmo…

Hey Karen, my venmo is @Keirstyn-Price I can ship as early as tomorrow (PO is closed today), DM me your address?

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Great!!! Thanks so much… I’ll send my address on Venmo to u!!

If first person passes would love to pay for these :relaxed:

If you still have these available please let me know I’m in need of them for my son!! Will pay for them and shipping