Canadian willing to ship to USA

Hello! I am in Canada and have access to almost any kind of formula here. Our stock is limited, but available. Costco has the most stock and has NO limits yet. Please message me with any needs, I am a mama just wanting to help. My heart has been shattered for the moms in the USA.

You are so sweet! If you see Enfamil Enspire (blue tub) let me know! Thank you so much :white_heart:

That is so kind of you!! If you are able to find any of the Enfamil Sensitive (orange can), my twins and I would be so grateful!!

Hi! We use the Costco brand “Kirkland procare”
Is this still available for you?? Cannot find it anywhere here :frowning:
Will even pay extra for shipping! Thanks in advance!

I will take a look tomorrow morning. I know we have the yellow tubs for sure. Can you use the Kirkland sensitive brand, Costco had tons.

Oh sorry I just realized you said pro care. Is this the purple tub? We have the yellow and purple tubs in Canada.

Some formulas that are available in the USA aren’t available here due to government regulations.

Ours is a blue tub here. Let me look at the yellow and purple ingredients

I appreciate you looking. I don’t need any sensitive formulas. Here is what Enfamil Enspire looks like in the states. Thanks again!

Hello! Thank you so much for helping out! Please let me know if you see Enfamil Enspire Gentlease (purple tub or purple box). I can’t find it anywhere!

I’m in need of similac 360 total care sensitive! The orange can! Or earths best sensitive formula

We have this, but it’s not called espire. We don’t have any espire here! The photo below is what we have.

We don’t have this in Ontario! We have these two versions of Enfamil.

I see. I don’t need either of those. Thanks for letting me know and for being willing to help :white_heart:

Thank you!! Please do you have any gerber good start gentle pro red label?? You are an angel!

Hey! im in Calgary! im in desperate need of similac alimentum for my friend who’s baby has severe allergies and this seems to be the only formula that works for him. She’s got a three day supply left and we have checked everywhere!

Hi - Are you looking for the red can of earth’s best or the purple?

I am in need of this one , does it compare to gentlease ?

Hey! I will go look for you on my lunch break which is in 1.5 hours. I am in ottawa, 3 hours ahead of you.

Any type of sensitive formula anyone can find, we can take at this point. I’m in east TN and can find advance formula rarely if anyone close by needs access, I may be able to help

The purple can is gentlease, I’m going I. 1.5 hours to check stop around my town. Let me know soon!