C-Section Scars

I get asked about my C-section scar all the time…its something that I have grown to take a lot of pride in! I thought it would be something that would take time to embrace but its really just something that makes me feel sentimental about my babies and proud of my body! This was taken a few weeks after Jetts delivery. Anyone else care to share their pictures/stories?

just a few weeks out of delivery - and you still have defined abs - @ShawnJohnson you are amazing!

I had to have a c-section too! That spinal tap they give you is strong! I didnt feel tugging or anything, also my daughter was asleep when they took her out. I dont have a picture of my scare though.

I got a C-Section too! Couldn’t push my baby lol he was 10 pounds!!! But my epidurals (yes, plural, they did 6 in total) didn’t worked. So they had to put me under… never got to see him born, but the nurses said he grunted and was really mad lol!!! Never took a picture… probably for the next one I will.

Ended up with an emergency C-section with my first. He wasn’t breathing when they delivered him. Besides the actual surgery being crazy traumatic it was such a scary experience overall. Thankfully he’s a happy, healthy 3.5 yr old now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had an emergency c-section, my son was born just shy of 24 hours from when my water broke. He was stuck behind my pelvic bone; head was just too big! Since then he’s always been in the 99% for head circumference. I’ll be honest it was the most painful experience of my life, recovery seemed like it took forever. I’m scared for baby #2 because my OB said I only have a 25% success rate for VBAC. I’m afraid to go through labor for VBAC just to end up in another emergency situation. We’re all healthy, that’s all that matters at the end of the day. We shall see what the future holds!

I had an emergency c-section a couple weeks ago. I had my first vaginally so it was a shock to have to have my 2nd via c-section. My labor had to be induced this time and it was so painful nothing they did could help the pain. His heart rate kept dropping. And they said we had to do option 2. I remember apologizing to my husband. Just felt like I failed. A feeling I am still struggling with. I think it was especially hard since I couldn’t lift my 1st and he is extremely jealous of his little brother and very much a mama’s boy. I’m extremely grateful we are both ok but just feel like it would have been so much easier delivering vaginally.

I’m 19 months out from a planned c-section. Love my little guy but I can’t seem to be okay with my scar.

I’ve grown to love my c section scars, permanent birth mark from my babies. I guess not enough to take a picture of it though! Lol Emergency C-section with the first, no progress then fetal distress, cord was wrapped around her neck three times. Hoped for a vbac with my second who is four months old today :smiling_face_with_tear: but he kept flipping around the last month and finally settled in the transverse position (sideways). Doctor let me go till past 41 weeks but he wasn’t budging. I’m just so thankful for my healthy babies :heart:

Had an emergency c-section with my first. Tried for a v-bac with my second, got all the way to 10cm but ended up with a c-section because there was so little fluid left after my water had broken. I got an infection during labor and ended up with a fever. Pure exhaustion followed by the purest love! I don’t love the scar but I am so proud of my body for bringing two amazing boys into the world!

I call it the surgical tech curse… I knew from the moment they told me my son was huge at 20 weeks and in the 98th percentile in everything that my labor would end in c-section. It was in my gut to the point that I asked my OB if we were just going to schedule one :rofl:. She said nope. I told her she was going to regret it. I’m a small person married to a 6’4” dude. I already had pelvic floor issues and I knew my pelvis was NOT going to be compatible with a big baby.

So what happened: I ended up hospitalized at 34 weeks for high blood pressure and got diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. I was then placed on bed rest and induced at 37 weeks. After 48 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, a failed epidural the inevitable happened… emergency c-section. My son was 8 pounds 7 ounces 22.5 inches long 3 weeks early!!!

It was such an out of body experience for me. Normally I’m on the other side of the drape assisting this time I was the patient in the table, every instrument they asked for I knew exactly what they were doing, when they did the surgical counts I kept track in my head to make sure nothing got left behind.

Even though I was scared for my son cuz I knew he was in distress wheeling in the OR I never felt safer, I felt I was in my homeplate with MY TEAM there to welcome my son into the world along side me.

The second I heard my son squeak cuz yes he squeaked and did not cry I felt instant relief. My OB exact words: “hi you’re cute, you’re big! Yeah, Taylor you called it he was never coming out on his own!” Then she demanded the nurses weigh and measure him she wanted to know his stats after learning how big he was her exact words “I’m so glad I didn’t make you go full term!” “He would have been 11+ pounds!”

The healing process sucked. My wound opened up and I had to pack it myself for 8 weeks til it healed up, I was on a ton of antibiotics, and weekly Appts to check the healing. It was an exhausting 8 week post partum period and then I had to return to work.

But my scar is my mama war wound it’s how I birthed my incredible, beautiful son.

Let’s embrace our warriorism fellow c-section mamas!

For me it was like nothing could go right at the end. I had elevated blood pressure almost the whole pregnancy, which led to low amniotic fluid, which led to being induced at only 36 weeks. Ended up with a c-section due to lil guys heart rate not recovering fast enough. Luckily I healed nicely but it was still tough. I hope in the future for a vbac solely for recovery purposes but of course, only time will tell

2 time csection momm. First was unplanned. 30 hours of labor and then we need a csection. he was head down but sunny side up as they say. So my contractions were not consistent. 2nd time was scheduled. Best decision ever. So smooth and peaceful.

I originally was self conscious about it, but I feel pretty proud now knowing I have had two wonderful babies that way! Plus my husband is so supportive and was more positive about it than I was in the beginning which really helped!

I love my c-section scar because that just a reminder that how my son came into the world bc I never thought it would happen it took us 9 years n 3 miscarriages to finally carry to term so I didn’t care if I delivered naturally or had to have a C-section I just wanted my baby here safely but I had push for over three hours he ended up stuck so we had to have emergency c-section so my scar is very special to me

I guess my story is a bit different from a lot of people here. I still feel frustrated about having a c-section sometimes. I had so many braxton-hicks contractions with my first that I was so sure I would have him early. And then I didn’t. I went to my due date…and then a week past…and then two weeks past before I decided to go ahead with induction. Within 12-14 hours, I was almost fully dilated, but his heart rate was concerning for infection and they never even had me try to push. I felt like the midwife gave up on me. He was 9 lbs 10 oz with a big head and more importantly, I think he was in a weird position. I accepted it at first–3 of my siblings and I, and all of my nieces and nephews, were born by c-section. But then I started learning more about c-sections and all the decisions my midwife and I could have done differently and maybe had a different outcome.

Because I had already had a c-section, it was harder to find a provider to fully support vbac, which was a strong desire of mine. Especially since it turned out that I would have my second baby while my husband was deployed, meaning I would be solo parenting a newborn and a 2 year old. I was so terrified to be doing that while recovering from major abdominal surgery without my partner to take care of us!! We had my mom to help, but when it comes to the physical support needed after a c-section, I really didn’t want to depend on my mom for that. Anyway, I did have a vbac, and now that I’ve given birth both ways, I think it does give me some closure and more pride in my c-section as well. And after giving birth on my own and then solo parenting a newborn and a toddler, it sure as heck gives me confidence that no matter what way I may give birth to any future children, I am a freaking bada$$ and deserve to feel proud of what my body has done!!

@manduuurs Amanda, thank you for sharing your story and so glad everything worked out so well. Love to see a pic of the little guy on the family pictures page if you would like to share. If you haven’t yet, please post a little bit about your family on the introduce yourself page - best way for other community members to get to know one another.
Welcome to the “family”, so glad you are here.

@amandar.lipinski Thank you for sharing - wow - what an experience. So happy for you that everything worked out well though. Was the infection from the c-section or the lack of fluid situation - you really went through it -

@karrieglaspie I love how you look at your situation - a baby is a blessing no matter how they enter the world - and let’s face it - they don’t know the difference. My one sister is so tiny she had 5 c-sections - another sister had her first via c-section and then 3 v-backs - congratulations on your little miracle