Buyer Beware!

There is a user in this group with username krenee. She claimed to have a bunch of formula… in my situation she claimed that her grandma found the big containers of Similac 360 total care powder at sams club. I offered to buy one and pay for shipping off of her. I venmoed her $55. Her username on Venmo at the time was @Kaleigh-Renee-1. When I look at the transaction I made it now says it was sent to a Lisa Wright but when I click on profile it says user not found. I’ve also emailed her multiple times inquiring about the formula she claims to have mailed me a week ago and she will not respond. How sad someone has to scam moms who are just trying to find formula to feed our babies. So please, DO NOT buy anything from her.

I’m so sorry. I have the one you need!

Similac 360 total care powder?

I would let the admins know this information so they can take a look at it! I’m so sorry, I was scammed by someone else here and it’s just sad what people will do for an extra buck!

I got scammed as well. I did some digging and found out her real name Leah Allen. She used her neighbors Identity and Fb pictures to set up an email, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle. I searched the name and photo on Google and found a Facebook for a Kaylee matching the photo. Once I got in contact with her and provided the phone number and address and names she was using, she was able to find out from her surrounding neighbors that this lady in their building has been using all their names and identitys (the neighbors are literally Kaylee, Lisa, and Leeanne) to scam people online and on Facebook for weeks now. Its disgusting.

None of the names are hers and they’ve reported identity fraud to the local pd.

WOW. Props to you for your investigation. Hopefully she’ll get punished and have to pay all of us back. Seriously how sad that she did something like this.

I felt awful at first because I messaged this innocent kaylee girl firing off at her, and she truly had no idea her neighbor had been using her. She truly was the one who helped me get to the bottom of everything. I really hope they stop this evil woman.

May I ask, in your digging, did you track where she may be living? As in state?

Yes! She is residing in Tennesse. To some she said she was in Indiana and to some she said Tennessee. The packages she did send to people that were empty came from Indiana, HOWEVER, the packages she recieved from me went to Tennesse. I know she received them because she signed for them at delivery.

So, I found out from her neighbor she actually does reside in Tennessee, but she has a brother and cousin in Indiana that are sending out empty packages for her to help hide her identity. Apparently they are all helping each other scam. DISGUSTING. She isnt too good at it though, because she had me send her formula to her actual residence. The neighbors confirmed that was her correct address.

Please email me. I think I have some info

Wow this is wild. How crazy. Hope they are enjoying the money people are sending them :worried: it’s already hard enough with the formula shortage and the how everything is so expensive that I’m sure most of us don’t just have the extra money laying around to just basically throw away for nothing

Yeah. Ridiculous. Her neighbors said she doesn’t even have a child! So, im sure the formula I sent her is just being sold for profit. She said she had formula to do an even trade with me. I recieved shipping information and figured everything was fine. I sent my package and never recieved hers. Well, I recieved a package, it was just empty :woman_facepalming:t2:

Although the scams make me sick, I told myself I would pray for this woman. Eventually karma will take a toll on her. I just tried to tell myself that it’s not worth the upset, and stress on myself. I’m expecting my 3rd child after two heartbreaking losses, and I’m still in my first trimester. I’m trying to stay as safe, healthy, and careful as possible.

@JenniferSam I sent you an email! I will be happy to give you all the info I have so far. I was scammed originally on Facebook. Then was told she moved to this site and another formula finders site as well. It’s sad to say, but people like this are probably never going to stop or learn their lesson and it’s heart breaking.