Breastfeeding/formula feeding

My whole pregnancy my mind was set on breastfeeding. My baby is 10 weeks and I’ve told myself I was going to transition to formula so I didn’t have to stress about pumping and others could feed him so I could give my four year attention and get things done. My husbands gone for 48 hours every four days Now that I’m transitioning to formula there’s a shortage. I feel like I’m damned if I do/don’t.
For those that breastfed and switched to formula, did you feel guilty?! What was your reasoning to switch?

You have NOTHING to feel guilty about - you need to do what is best for your family - there are so many great options available for you. If I remember correctly, Shawn started breast feeding with Drew but it didn’t last long because Drew had other ideas. I’m sure you can find out what formula they used - but a credible pediatrician will tell you that you should do what is best for you, your baby and your family and don’t let anyone tell you what that is.
Trust yourself - you got this!

Thanks Patti! It’s so hard! I feel like I’ll lose our special bond but on the other hand I know we will still bond.

Not only will you continue to bond but it also offer an opportunity for your husband to bond as well which may be difficult due to his shifts. Just because you may not be breast feeding doesn’t change the reality that you will still be feeding him - and now you can actually make eye contact and interact with facial expressions. Try to focus on the positive things - and feeling good about bottle feeding - especially while doing it will transfer to your baby. Babies pick up on your feelings - so the happier you are about it, the happier your baby will be. Stress - bad, Calm - good!