Books for kids under 3

We love having ALL the books in our house and Im looking to add more! We are big fans of “Pout Pout Fish” and the “Iggy the Architect” series of books. Any other favorites we should add?


I’m a huge fan of Shel Silverstein books - some of my favorite memories looking back are of my mom reading to me as a child. Since books can be expensive, I also recommend the online site of Thrift Books. not as fast as amazon but much cheaper - and since the books are pre-owned you are helping with the reduce-reuse-recycle. Another book tip, when you are done with books, or if your child doesn’t care for a particular selection, put it in a little free library in your neighborhood so someone else can enjoy it.

Our kids loved the American Girls book series as they got older (like 4/5). They loved Gigi God’s Little Princess, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Monkeys bouncing on the bed, and other books like that.

I think it is so important to introduce children to the love of books/reading at a young age. They will have so many years of required reading ahead of them that if they learn when they are little that books are fun, the required reading won’t seem as daunting.

If possible, make use of your local library - it’s a great place for children to develop their love of reading. Having input as to which books they read may make them more enthusiastic - plus it’s free!

Love books! A current funny read with our 2 year old is ‘The Bear Ate Your Sandwich’.

BUT, the all time favorite is ‘Good-Night Groot’

We LOVE the Hello World books. Found them on Amazon and they have great illustrations and facts about so many different things. I think we have every one at this point and my son has learned so much from them.

We love the “God Gave Us…” series and theres a series from JellyCat that is “If I Were A…” (example: If I Were A Turtle") that we love!

My kiddos (one girl, one boy) love Little Blue Truck! There are animals in them too, which my kids love to hear me make all the animal noises! And there are ones about Christmas, springtime, going to school, etc… Such a cute series of books I recommend to all my friends!

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My love of books is great. We have so many for our kids. My kids love the Little Blue Truck books, the look and find books. I am an independent consultant for Usborne Books & More and we have some great ones. The “That’s not my…” series are favorites along with the Shine a light books which make great bedtime books. One my 4 year old cracks up at right now is I say OHH you say Ahh it’s fun and interactive.

I also love reading the old ones I read as a child Hungry Caterpillar. So many good ones! I could go on!!!

We discovered Lyle Lyle Crocodile and it is a favorite with both our 4 year old and 2 year old.

The Blue Truck series!

Hey @michelle! What Blue Truck series are you talking about? I’d love to hear more.

@michellerene1982 Lyle Lyle Crocodile sounds fun! Where can we find that at?

@SarKar12 - My kids LOVED The Bear At e Your Sandwhich!

Sooo many good ones!
My son loves the “That’s Not My…” from Usborne books. They are all touchy feely and short!
His favorite bedtime books are “I love you to the moon and back”, “Good Night Gorilla” and I love reading him “when I pray for you”.
From Amazon all the “you’re my little… (cuddle bug, bookworm, snuggle bear, etc) are so cute and have a cute rhyme to them!
Also” See, Touch, Feel" books!

Love the golden book collection, little owls books as well as indestructible book! Within the Golden and indestructible series you from a variety of book topics! My little guy also loved the 100 word books, specifically anythinf with transportation, his favorite was the John deere Tractor 100 words.

Have you read the other Pout Pout fish books!? We also love the Mad Mad Day and Scared of the Dark

My older two were apart of Dolly Parton library that sent them books every month. So we read all the time but my favorite book I shared with them is The Tale of the Three Trees. It is a beautiful book about three individual trees that each have big grand dreams but have their dreams altered in some way to show them a dream they never could have imagined. It is a story of Jesus’s life and crucifixion but cleverly doesn’t say his name. My oldest in the 1st grade took the book to read to her public school class. She read it completely to her class and they had a beautiful discussion about dreams and how they change. Truly a happy mom moment.

Amazon. But I find ours at Half Price Books.