Book Recommendations

I was curious if anyone had any book recommendations? I want to start reading more, as I have just finished a great book, Man Enough by Justin Baldoni. I would be open to any suggestions, whether about trials and tribulations of ones life, a fantasy, or just a good read!

What types of things do you enjoy reading? fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, self-help? Have you checked out Oprah’s book list?

I am all about a god book! Here are some of my favorite Fiction Reads -

The Story of Evelyn Hugo - Taylor Jenkins Reid

The Boonsboro Inn Trilogy - Nora Roberts

Reedeming Love - Francis Rivers

Best Kind of Broken - Chelsea Fines

Wild - Cheryl Stray

Relationship goals - Michael Todd (Christian Guide Book to better relationships)

Live In Love - Lauren Atkins (Biography)

I hope you find some great books! :heart:

Good book**