Bobbie formula

I have 2 cans of Bobbie formula to offer to someone.

Hi, I’m interested in these please.

Hi, I am down to my last can of Bobbie. Would love to buy these from you!

I am interested in these if they’re still available!
Thank you so much!

I can sell you the cans. They are 14.1 ounces each. What are you able to pay? $30 total?

Yes I am absolutely willing to pay. $30 for 2 can? That is totally fine. I have PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo…

Please lmk, thank you,


Venmo is good! Just emailed you! .

Please send me you address I will get these mailed today!

They are no longer available. I’m sorry!

Just emailed you!

Done and done. Thank you so much