Best Family Vacations

Curious what favorite vacation areas and activities you have? Our kids are still probably too young for Disney so we will have to hold off on that but we still want to do fun family focused trips! Help!

@ShawnJohnson Shawn, I’ve been doing some research and this one looks amazing for kids your age - check it out. It looks like a mini disney with several associated parks but definitely geared towards younger kids - and there is an aquarium which I think are great for kids - always something to look at and educational.
Another one is Dutch Wonderland - - this also looks petty cool Sesame Place if your kids like Sesame Street
just a few options - but they all look like a blast!

Santa village in NH is also great. They have a great water park, small rides for toddlers and lots of family rides too. Our first time there my son was 5 mo’s, daughter 2.5 and it was very enjoyable.

Try going to zoo’s or do counry fairs they have rides and petting zoo’s

We loved going to Gatlinburg. My then 2 year old even hiked for 2 miles with no complaints.

Any National Park - picnic for the day or camp for a week! we go to Yosemite often and it’s full of year round activities. Just driving to the waterfalls is enough for all of us!

@snowbird near Salt Lake City, Utah. Buy the day pass and enjoy the resorts activities - tram ride, Peruvian lift, alpine slide and more. Short hike to Cecret Lake is a must do.