Available formula

One can of similac pro total comfort (purple)

One can of Enfamil A2 premium (white)

One can of Similac 360 total care sensitive (orange)

All received as samples, unopened.

Hi Katie- can we have the can of Similac Pro-Total Comfort. I will pay for shipping if you can ship it out!

Yes absolutely! No need to pay for shipping. full disclosure - I left it outside overnight for another momma who did not come for it. It was in a plastic bag and rained on so the outside is a bit wrinkled. It’s unopened though!

My email address is krenn880@gmail.com. I’m
Not sure exactly how this site works but in case if you’d prefer to send your address that way.

I just emailed you, thank you!

Can i get the orange sensitive one please!! Danni.henderson1525@gmail.com

Do you still have the Similac 360 sensitive?

I’d like to buy the A2 if you still have it.

Yes, please email me at krenn880@gmail.com with your address!

All formula listed has been claimed at this time.

Hi Katie :slightly_smiling_face: I am not sure if you checked the lot numbers on these but a lot of the Similac sample cans were recalled so it might be worth checking.

Thanks for your kindness and generosity for offering these to Mamas in need :heart:

Thank you Angelica. This post has a sad outcome as the formula I had was part of the recall. I can’t believe I never checked it. I’m so sorry to the families on this thread :broken_heart:

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