Anyone need Similac Alimentum (#4 32oz bottles)?

Similac Alimentum Non-GMO Hypoallergenic Ready to Feed Infant Formula.
Will be shipped directly to you from the store to save time (my local Target). I will put your address in as the shipping address, your email address for notifications & I’ll pay with my PayPal, & you can pay me back via PayPal. Once order is placed, I will no longer be involved. It says arrival May 25th.

I have no children (I was a Pedi ICU RN), & so I just searched all store websites near me, as I want to help, if possible. ;-).

I second this. My Walmart has about 10 ready to feed bottles available. Let me know if anyone needs.

Do you still have any of the similac alimentum ready to feed still available?

It looks like its available for shipping with