Any sensitive formula looking in East TN

Moma in East Tn looking for sensitive formula, she can eat any three pictured but we will take even the off brand at this point. We can find plenty of the yellow Enfamil or plant based Soybee at the stores here but no formula for our baby girl. She is six months eating 26-30oz a day. While we don’t want to rush her into real food, we are desperate for some answers or help. We also have a 5 month old nephew looking for advanced. If anyone needs what we can find(listed above), please let us know we can get it to you or has access to what we need, we have PayPal, Venmo, cash app, and Zelle and will be more than happy to send even a shipping label to you. Please reach out if we can help eachother!

Hi, what brand is happy baby? I cannot seem to locate on google. CAn you share a picture? I will pay for it, if we can use it. Thank you!!!

Hi! Im in PA, my walmart some morning has similac sensitive 12.5oz cans available to ship. I could try ordering and shipping directly to your house?

Really? I can try ordering online but it says out of stock. Any help is appreciated! If they arrive, i am 110% able to pay you back on any payment form you may use.

I didn’t mean to delete just meant to update saying that another mama took these. Thanks

Yeah! Can you email me your address?

please do we can figure this out.

thank you again

I emailed you!


I just tried this and it lets you add to the cart and purchase but 2 min later, received an email that it was cancelled due to no stock. Thank you though!! :frowning:

Hi @Courtney_Nichols were you able to find sensitive formula? :slight_smile: