Any purple (gentle) brand formula ISO

Hi, I’m in need of any purple or gentle formula. Any brand is fine, like walgreens, enfamil, cvs, target, parents choice or sams club etc. Live in NorCal. Thanks in advance!

Hi! I have some Gentlease formula. It was given to me by a neighbor. The liquid expires next month. And the powder cans expire in November this year. If you could just pay for shipping I can go to the post office and see how much it would cost.

Hi yes please! My email is, my zip code is 95961 and I can fb pay or venmo you! Thank you!

Hey! I passed your info along to a friend whom I saw posted some Gentlease formula the other day! Hopefully she gets in touch with you!

her email is in case you’d like to reach out to her if she hasn’t already reached out! :relaxed:

Good luck sweetie

Ok I will go tomorrow and let you know the price!

Hi, in San Francisco, also looking for any purple “gentle” powder. thanks! please let me know if it’s still available.

@Andrea_Poole express shipping(1-2 days) is 67.85 and priority(2day) is $15.10. I would still need to add the price of box.

My area Target has their brand of purple sensitive formula. Let me know if you’re still in need! Shipping from TN!

Haven’t received a response from Andrea… would you like to purchase this still?