Add your brands to this thread!

Hi! I’m more than willing to help those search for formula. If you can please attach your formula name and brand below so I can keep an eye out for it. I always make sure I look too see what’s in stock at every store I go to. I’ll be headed to Costco, Target, and local grocery stores today :slight_smile:

Enfamil Nueropro ( Yellow tin) Please

Enfamil Enfacare (blue can) please

Earth’s Best Organic (red can)

I need Similac NeoSure or Enfamil EnfaCare— the 22 Calorie Preemie formula. My baby is on a special mix to make it even higher calorie to try to increase her weight gain so she can have her Cleft Repair Surgery & I don’t have a vehicle to go looking around myself.

Target Up and Up advantage! Thank you so much for doing this! :blue_heart:

I have one. It was 35 and I can pay for shipping

The earths best

Similac pro total comfort

Similac 360 total care (blue). Thank you so much for this

Also, generic gentlease formula for my friend’s daughter.

Is this still available ? What’s the expiration and price

Looking for CVS or Walgreens brand hypoallergenic formula!

Enfamil gentle ease or store brand equivalent. Thank you!

Emfamil A2 please and thank you!!

Any Advantage formula or Similac Pro Advance. Thank you so much!