About the Formula Exchange category

Hey its Shawn!

I created this group as a way to try to help the continued problem of families getting the formula they need, whether thats due to supply chain problem issues, inflation, or whatever else.
We get so many messages from moms who have reached out saying they haven’t been able to find their little ones formula. So I thought I’d do my best at finding a solution to this problem by putting together a resource to try to help match moms who need formula with those who have extra.
If you’re a mom who needs a formula that hasn’t been easy for you to get, this is a place to find it. And if you’re a mom who has sealed, unexpired formula that you no longer need and are willing to ship it to moms in need, this is a place to do it.

How it works:

I’ve created a thread for each formula. If I’ve missed any, feel free to start a formula specific thread of your own.

If you need a specific formula, please comment under the appropriate post that you need it and where the general area you’re located.
If you have a specific formula you’re willing to sell or donate, find someone you’d like to connect with on the comment thread and DM them, then reply to their comment letting them know that you sent a DM.
If no one has commented that they need it yet, please comment how much you have/any specifics. (example: have four 12 oz cans of Enfamil, willing to donate, just pay shipping)

Once a connection has been made (person selling/donating DM’s person in need of formula) they can coordinate the shipping/payment amongst themselves. Payments should be made through PayPal, Venmo, or Facebook Pay, and those receiving formula should be prepared to pay standard market price for formulas (if not being donated) and should also be prepared to pay for shipping costs.

Once you have shipped formula/paid for formula, please either remove your comments from the list or edit them to reflect that you are no longer in need/no longer have formula.
Using this group is at your own risk… we are not responsible for anything that happens as a result of this forum- payment issues, not receiving formulas, etc.

Enfamil Formula Exchange Thread
Similac Formula Exchange Thread
Gerber Formula Exchange Thread

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.
Heres to helping each other out!

I have done some research and found a few online resources that you may find helpful:

I also learned that if you go to amazon.com, and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, you can change the country to Canada and they do NOT have a formula shortage. If you need help switching countries, contact me and I will happily help you out.

If you need help finding a specific product, please contact me and I will do the research for you - odds are I have more time to look for you - let me take some of the stress out of your day.

How does this work um I supposed to tell you the formula that my daughters on and you’re going to help me find where is close to me or I’m still a little confused could you explain tomorrow please

How do we reply by DM or email? I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance!


go to www.babyformulaexchange.com if you have/need formula - thanks so much

In need of similac alimentum can any mamas help me get some i cant find it anywhere

Hi! How am I able to message you directly? I’ve started a fundraiser to buy formulas and donate and can’t seem to figure out the switching to Canada location option on Amazon .

Thanks so much! :heart:

@pattianne Hi! I am in need of Similac Pure Bliss. It is sold at Target, Publix, and sometimes Walmart. I have to purchase it on Amazon due to not being near any cities. I am located in Georgia. Thank you for your help in aiding the search! :heart:

To switch - go to the bottom of the Amazon page - look for this:

image.pngYou can change to Canada there.
Hope that helps.
In regards to contact, just email support@shawnjohnson.com - we monitor that regularly.
Thank you for your help

How does this work? Im confused. I filled out the formula form but nothing happened? Was I supposed to be redirected to that specific thread? Anyways I am looking for Similac Neosure powder. Thank you!

Hello, checking to see if you have been contacted by anyone yet. If there is someone who has what you are looking for, they will get your information and contact you directly. We are still getting people with formula who are willing to help out so if you haven’t been contacted yet, know that we are still trying.

I’m search of Similac Pro Sensitive LIQUID. We are on our last bottle!!! Doctor changed my 5 week old formula due to GERD once again. Can not find it ANYWHERE. Been scammed here twice so looking for a sample or someone willing to donate the formula. Thank you in advance

Hello Patti! I am looking for Enfamil Neuropro Sensitive (orange can​:orange_heart:) for my twelve week old little boy :heart::fox_face:

Good morning, have you filled out the form at www.babyformulaexchange.com? If so, if there is someone who has it, you will get matched up. Thanks for visiting the site and hope you will continue to be a part of it.