2 Nutramigen Hypoallergenic available


I am located in Ontario, Canada and I have 2 cans of Nutramigen Hypoallergenic available. I am willing to give them away for free, just asking for you to pay for shipping. Please let me know.

Can you get a shipping quote for Reidsville, NC? Thanks!

I will Take these if there still available!

Can I get your zip code

It is 27320

Here are the rates

It does not show me rates, just links me to where i can enter both our information to obtain the rates

I will take these and pay shipping whatever it is if available

Cheapest is $40 to receive by Tuesday

Thank am located in Vanceboro, NC 28586 and willing to pay for shipping!

Are you interested?

If you still need they’re available

Ok thank you! My email is tannastevenson13@gmail.com

I will take them if they’re still available! Thank you! ashleym103@icloud.com

Just emailed you now

I will take if available, burgosfanny5@gmail.com

Still available are you interested?

I would like if it gets to me. I can send you a shipping label too if that makes it easier. Thank you