18 year old mom to a 6 month old. In need of infant enfamil or enfamil a.r. I would really appreciate the help

@hailey_craft Hailey, have you checked Amazon Canada yet? they have a lot of the varieties available. Also want to make sure that you submitted what you need on the exchange site - www.babyformulaexchange.com Once you do that, if someone has what you need, a match can be made and you will be contacted. Wishing you the best. #feedthebabies

The one i need seems to be wya out sod my price range for just one can on amazon. and yes ma’am i have.

Use shopping zip code 11553 on Walmarts website and they’ll ship it even if it’s out of state

Hailey, I’ve seen this one in stock where I’m at (VA). If you email me, I can help you locate some. Please enter in the subject what you’re looking for and your name so I know who it’s coming from. I’m getting too many random emails right now. Thanks! Jms21033@gmail.com